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Characters + concept summer workshop

Online workshop with Louis Thomas

10 weeks class of character design

10 weeks course of character design from script to final lineup + concept arts + review / presentation by 2 secret guests from major studios. 1 600€ (160€ per week, you will be charged once a week during 10 weeks when subscribing) When applying, please send your portfolio to : (If you have no experience at all and never attended any art classes please email me before applying). About me : I have been a character designer and illustrator since 2012. My latest clients include Pixar, Illumination, Netflix, Sony, CN... I teach art direction on graduation films at Gobelins school since 2017 as well as workshops worldwide in Greenland, Qatar, Denmark... Welcome to this workshop ♡ The course will have a duration of 10 weeks from July 1st to September 2nd, via ZOOM(you will receive the link on day-1). Classes will be from 7PM to 10PM Paris clock on Saturdays so people international can participate. As we will be a small group, on purpose, every week should be an exchange with questions and conversations. I will be available through zoom or WhatsApp also during the week, without extra payment, if you want to discuss something :-) WEEK 1 : - Introduction to the class. - Presentation of my work. - Presentation I wrote : « illustration / animation ». - How to build portfolio for major studios. - Choosing your script and number of characters. - Moodboard / Researches / References. WEEK 2 : - What script you chose. - Explorations / roughs. - Where to start? WEEK 3 : - Comments on everyone sketches and work. - Notes to refine your first ideas for next week. - Silhouettes and diversity of shapes. WEEK 4 : - Comments on everyone advancement and work. - Notes and advices. - Choosing characters and starting the final lineup. WEEK 5 : - Final Lineup review and progress - Notes and advices. WEEK 6 : - Final lineup final review, Special guest character designer talk / presentation and review. - Notes and advices. - Expressions / posings. - introduction to model pack / turn around ? WEEK 7 : - How to choose your concepts based on scripts. WEEK 8 : - First roughs and ideas. - Notes and advices. - Cohesion with characters. WEEK 9 : - First colored illustration. - Notes and advices. WEEK 10 : -Special guest Concept artist talk / presentation and review - Final concepts - Notes and advices - Last goodbye ♡ WEEK 11 and after : I will always remain available for you to help with your portfolio and answer questions if I can :-)

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